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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre

Social & economic studies


Photograph courtesy of Jake Simkin

The burden of malaria is shouldered by some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities on our planet.

Malaria control and elimination goals set by public health, governmental and philanthropic bodies intend to reduce this burden. Translation of these goals into practice frequently relies on investment in technologies, such as drugs, bed nets and tests, which need to be widely used.

Economic evaluations of such technologies help identify the most efficient use of scare resources, a  crucial component to  sustaining financial support and achieving goals. Both the cost and effectiveness of interventions rely on their uptake and use. Social studies highlight that the priorities and motivations of populations at whom interventions are targeted may differ from those of goal setters. This can lead to low uptake or unintended use of technologies.

Malaria Centre members study the perceptions, use, equity implications, costs and affordability of malaria interventions amongst different populations, including communities, patients and health care providers. Researchers are engaged with international and national policy makers through to end users in designing intervention packages that help to integrate technologies with local priorities and in evaluating the economic and social processes and impacts of these interventions.

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Uli Beisel
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Anthropologies of African Biosciences Group
Simon Brooker
Reader in Tropical Epidemiology & Disease Control
Clare Chandler
Associate Professor in Medical Anthropology
Badara Cisse
Lecturer in Epidemiology
Richard Coker
Professor of Public Health

Clare Chandler

Malaria Centre Head of Social & Economic Studies

Lecturer in Social Science

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Sian Clarke

Malaria Centre Co-Director

Associate Professor in Malaria Research and Control

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