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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre

Malaria Zero

Malaria Zero: The Alliance for a Malaria-free Haiti (Haiti Malaria Elimination Consortium)

LSHTM investigators:
Chris Drakeley, Lotus van den Hoogen, Gillian Stresman, Nuno Sepuvelda, Kevin Tetteh
External collaborators:
U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (consortium lead), CDC Foundation, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Haiti Ministry of Public Health and Population, Dominican Republic Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance, Pan American Health Organization, The Carter Center, Clinton Health Access Initiative, Tulane University
Funding body:
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Malaria Zero aims to eliminate malaria from the island of Hispaniola, the sole remaining malaria endemic island in the Caribbean, by 2020.

Malaria Zero partners (the Haiti Malaria Elimination Consortium) will assist Haiti in the development, adoption and implementation of a strategy and operational plan for achieving malaria elimination by 2020. They will conduct operational research to implement evidence-based targeted malaria elimination (TME) interventions to improve and expand Haiti’s malaria surveillance systems to:

·         Support decision-making and tracking of all malaria cases;

·         Ensure that all cases of malaria are diagnosed;

·         Limit the ability of mosquitoes to transmit the disease

·         Integrate serosurveillance into verification of the presence and absence of transmission to inform activities

·         Clear the malaria parasite from symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals to prevent onward transmission

·         Educate and mobilize the population to seek testing and treatment, and to support the elimination program

·         Support the training and deployment of community health workers to manage malaria cases and drive behavior change

Experience in Haiti will contribute to global knowledge on malaria elimination strategies. The project is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and will run from November 2014 – December 2020.

For more inforamtion, visit the Malaria Zero Alliance website.