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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre

Malaria research in epidemiology

Combined use of vector control methods for malaria control.

LSHTM investigators:
Immo Kleinschmidt.
External collaborators:
Martin Donnelly (Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK); Khalid Elmardi (Ministry of Health, Sudan); Josh Yukich (Tulane University, USA).
Funding body:
Global Environmental Facility/ United Nations Environment Programme through the World Health Organisation Regional Office of the Eastern Mediterranean.

The project will assess whether there is added benefit if IRS and LLINs are used in combination, compared to the use of LLINs alone, in a large cluster randomised trial in four study areas of Sudan.

Malaria incidence through passive case detection is estimated in cohorts of children in each study cluster for comparison between the study arms study as the primary endpoint. Clusters were randomised to study arms, balanced on a number of criteria including insecticide resistance at baseline. Vector control interventions according to the random allocation have been implemented at high coverage in 2011, cohorts recruited, community health workers trained and appointed, and follow-up of about 6,000 person years of observation completed during the malaria season. Interim results will be available in early 2013.