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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre

Malaria clinical trials and studies

Childhood Febrile Illness Treatment Study (C-FIT ).

LSHTM investigators:
Hugh Reyburn & Chris Whitty.
External collaborators:
George Mtovu (National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania).
Funding body:
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation through the ACT Consortium.

In late 2010 WHO guidelines abandoned the policy of presumptive treatment of malaria in favour of treatment guided by a blood slide or malaria rapid diagnostic test (RDT).

However, there is limited evidence of the safety of this policy in routine outpatient settings in Africa.

In a malaria endemic area of Tanzania  965 children with a non-severe febrile illness were enrolled, and treatment for malaria was determined by the results of a clinical examination and RDT result, and blood culture and serum lactate were also collected. RDT-negative children were followed up over 14 days.

Overall, 158 (16.4%) were RDT-positive and treated with artemether-lumefantrine and 807 (83.4%) were RDT-negative and treated with non-anti-malarial medicines. Compared with RDT-positives, RDT-negative children were on average younger with a lower axillary