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In order to improve malaria control it is important to strengthen the quality of information at individual and population levels, and to be able to react appropriately to that information.

With renewed interest in high-level control and in the potential for local elimination of malaria, it has become even more important to understand the disease burden, how it is changing, and to detect epidemics of malaria at the earliest possible stage. New epidemiological tools are being developed and tested by members of the Malaria Centre, who are involved in studies of the epidemiology of malaria in Africa, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The HPA Malaria Reference Laboratory responsible for UK surveillance of malaria is also sited within the Malaria Centre, and members of the Malaria Centre are investigating malaria in migrant groups in the UK.

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Neal Alexander
Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology
Ron Behrens
Professor of Travel Medicine
Teun Bousema
David Bradley
Emeritus Professor
David Schellenberg

David Schellenberg

Malaria Centre Head of Epidemiology

Professor of Malaria & International Health

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