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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre


Image: Drying filter paper blood spots in Vanuatu

Photograph courtesy of Jackie Cook

The Malaria Centre brings together researchers from many disciplines to make innovative and thorough contributions to the advancement of knowledge on malaria.

Some of the fundamental questions which need to be addressed if we are to reduce the impact of malaria can be answered using skills from single scientific disciplines such as immunology, parasite biology, epidemiology or clinical research. Many of the most important barriers to effective prevention and treatment of malaria, especially amongst the poorest and most vulnerable, can however only be overcome using research which cuts across traditional scientific boundaries.

Research into health systems for example, and how interventions can be integrated into normal practice, is critical if new advances are to be implemented. The LSHTM Malaria Centre, by bringing together work from laboratory, field, economic and social sciences makes a significant contribution to tackling these questions.

It is the capacity to work across so many inter-connecting aspects of malaria simultaneously, and to undertake cross-disciplinary research which characterises the Centre and makes it such a key contributor to the intellectual environment of the School as well as to the global pool of knowledge needed to tackle this devastating disease.



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