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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre


The Malaria Centre

Want to learn more about the Malaria Centre? Watch our short film which explains what the Centre does and how our work is contributing to the control of malaria world-wide.

Or if you'd like to watch some short films on some of our projects you can see our entire film collect on the LSHTM YouTube page.

Chris's story

Professor Chris Drakeley, Director of the Malaria Centre and Professor of Infection and Immunity, talks about the importance of multi-disciplinary research.


Mark's story

Mark Rowland, Professor of Medical Entomology and Malaria Control, talk about why overseas collaborations are so important to the work of the Malaria Centre.


Clare's story

Dr Clare Chandler, Lecturer in Social Science, discusses about how being part of the Malaria Centre network has helped her in her career.


Brian's story

Professor of Clinical Tropical Medicine, Brian Greenwood, talks about the world-class teaching that Malaria Centre members provide.


Asia' story

Asia Sophia-Wolf, a PhD student funded by the Malaria Centre's Thorpe Studentships, talks about her experience of studying at the School.


Mary's story

Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Mary Oguike, discusses how the Malaria Centre has helped her develop her career.