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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre


12 April 2014

Study shows that mixing pyrethroid and pyriproxyfen on a net shows potential for malaria control and management of pyrethroid resistant vectors by preventing further selection of pyrethroid resistant phenotypes.

Image:Visitors identifying parasites.  Credit: Zute Lightfoot/Malaria No More
11 April 2014

Malaria Centre members encourage UK MPs from all parties to back action against malaria into the next Parliament

Image: Children playing. Image courtesy of GMP
09 April 2014

Integrated Community Case Management (iCCM) is a strategy that enables those living beyond the reach of health facilities to access lifesaving treatments. It should be a national priority and an integral part of national health sector plans, a recent symposium in Ghana has concluded

10 November 2013

Malaria Centre members receive grant from MRC to research hepatic latency in human ovale malaria

08 November 2013

Malaria Centre member Eleanor Riley contributes to paper that suggests high parasite biomass is common initiating feature in severe malaria

31 October 2013

Malaria Centre Director Chris Drakeley contributes to paper that identifies age distribution of Plasmodium vivax infections

31 October 2013

Read the highlights from recent conference on 'Moving towards malaria elimination: Investing in research and control'

30 October 2013

Malaria Centre member David Schellenberg explains how we hope to eradicate malaria

22 October 2013

Malaria Centre Head of Drugs, Colin Sutherland reviews evidence for drug resistance in the Guardian

20 October 2013

The Lancet reports on challenges to malaria elimination discussed at recent MIM conference