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WHOPES Guidelines for laboratory and field testing of long-lasting insecticidal nets

Image: WHOPES guidelines for testing. Image courtesy of WHO

Image: WHOPES guidelines for testing. Image courtesy of WHO

19 December 2013
Malaria Centre Deputy Director Mark Rowland co-authors guidelines from WHO

This guideline sets out the standards required by manufacturers when developing new types of LLIN for WHO approval.

This document is a revised and improved version of the procedures and guidelines for testing long-lasting insecticidal nets (LNs) published in 2005. The purpose of this document is to harmonize the testing procedures to generate data for registration and labelling of LNs by national authorities. The revision has been made considering the lessons learnt in evaluating LNs in laboratory and field. The document also provides procedures and guidelines to evaluate LNs containing new insecticides or mixtures of insecticides.

For the first time the guideline sets out the requirements and evaluation procedure for non-pyrethroid LLIN that incorporate new insecticides or insecticide mixtures. The revised guideline provides the essential framework to enable the next generation of LLIN to be developed.

Download the full report on the WHO web site.