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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre

Short course primaquine


15 July 2012
Outputs from the meeting on short course primaquine for the treatment for P. falciparum in Africa

The LSHTM Malaria Centre and Global Health Group, University of California recently held a meeting to discuss Short Course Primaquine in Africa to Interrupt Transmission.

Following the 2-day meeting which was attended by world-wide experts, the group has published a research brief. This includes the main objectives/ outputs of the meeting, namely, the agreed endpoints and the roadmap to deployment of primaquine.

Primaquine is currently the only licensed drug that can effectively kill mature infectious malaria gametocytes, and thus is viewed as an intervention that could significantly disrupt and drive down malaria transmission. However, evidence gaps, such as optimal dosing and safety for glucose 6 dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency, an inherited enzyme deficiency common in malaria endemic areas, and implementation challenges, like how to use primaquine in mass drug administration (MDA) campaigns, have prevented the widespread scale-up of the drug. With this meeting, titled “Short Course Primaquine in Africa to Interrupt Transmission,” experts identified evidence generation for primaquine, supply and regulation needs, and development of alternative gametocytocidal drugs as the key barriers to broader – and rapid - implementation of primaquine in Africa.