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Raise a glass

06 November 2017
Farewell to Rebecca Tremain

The Malaria Centre was lucky enough to have Rebecca Tremain with us for ten years. Rebecca worked tirelessly, resourcefully and creatively on many different projects and programmes for the Centre, and helped to move our communications and engagement forward. Rebecca has now moved onto other exciting pursuits and will be missed by many, although we hope to see her coming back to visit us – mosquito day will not be the same!

Rebecca left us with some farewell words, which we would like to share with you. 

Image, Rebecca Tremain at Mosquito Day 2014. Credit Anne Koerber.

Bye Bye Blues (We’ll meet again)

Dear London School of HTM
Where I learnt about Public Engagement with STEM
I started to work with Professor Chris Whitty
(Though my knowledge of science was really quite bitty):
I sat down and started to study malaria
(For an actress from Central, there isn’t much scarier!)
And so, I learnt about ACTs,
Drug resistance and RDTs
Sexual stages, gametocyte,
Tuck the kids under their nets at night
Double-blinds and random trials
Cold chains, vaccines, drive for miles…
And now ten years later, here’s where it ends…
No, don’t say that, we’ll still be friends
I’ve made connections I’ll always treasure
(Though the place drives me mad in equal measure).
But – what’s been accomplished, what have we done?
We need facts and figures, it’s not just for fun
(I feel I need to prove to External Relations
That people say ‘yes’ to our invitations…)
So –
A Small Grants Scheme and eight gilded vectors
Bedbugs, rats, lice – all the spectres
Of death, disease and grief and pain
Public Engagement for mutual gain:
Mosquito Day with Matron and Binkie
Talk about malaria while having a drinkie
The Shakespeare Hut that stood on this site
Giving ANZACs in London a bed for the night
The YMCA’s ‘body, spirit and mind
Becomes to School’s pledge ‘better health for mankind
A perfect circle, I hope you’ll agree
And remember that – if you think of me
So let’s raise a glass to the London School
And thank you for showing me Science is cool!
Rebecca Tremain, LSHTM 2007/2017