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Missed World Mosquito Day 2017? We have the videos here for you

28 September 2017
Videos from the Malaria Centre's World Mosquito Day event

On Friday 18 August, the Malaria Centre at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine hosted its annual World Mosquito Day event.

World Mosquito Day, on the 20 August each year, celebrates the day that Sir Ronald Ross identified that mosquitoes transmit the malaria parasite. This year marks 120 years since Sir Ronald Ross’ discovery, and the Malaria Centre marked the occasion with a World Café.

A blog of the day can be found here.

Video timeline

During the discussions, everyone contributed to a timeline of key events from the last 120 years, to demonstrate the progress that has been made in mosquito-related research. This wealth of knowledge was turned into a video timeline that captured the main points of interest, and was presented to everyone before the end of the day. Now we have the finalised version of this video timeline, which encapsulates the discussions that took place.

Video summary

If you haven't read the blog (link above), then maybe you would rather watch the video summary of the event instead? This video gives a flavour of the day and also contains some of the video timeline.


If you have any feedback about the day, or from the videos above, please do let us know. You can contact us on: malaria [at] lshtm [dot] ac [dot] uk

Thank you to everyone who took part in this engaging and informative event; there would be no video timeline if it was not for the enthusiasm of everyone involved - thank you!