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30 August 2014
Further work needs to be done on the ecological genetics of Anopheles gambiae to help predict how insecticide resistance genes may potentially spread

Prominent intraspecific genetic divergence within Anopheles gambiae sibling species triggered by habitat discontinuities across a riverine landscape

B. Caputo, D. Nwakanma, F. P. Caputo, M. Jawara, E. C. Oriero, M. Hamid-Adiamoh, I. Dia, L. Konate, V. Petrarca, J. Pinto, D. J. Conway and A. Della Torre.


This article shows that the genetic subdivision within Anopheles gambiae species which has been the subject of much attention has not yet been clearly resolved, as there are marked subdivisions between populations of each species living in different parts of the Gambia River area, and in contrast there is less distinction between mosquitoes that have been nominally described as separate species. Further work on the ecological genetics is needed to define the species, and predict how insecticide resistance genes may potentially spread between populations in this region.

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