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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre

News by year

21 December 2012

Professor Brian Greenwood comments on increased resistance to artemisinins: Voice of America story

04 December 2012

People who have low-level malaria infections that are not detected by standard tests may be a source of up to 20-50% of onward transmissions, a new study has found. These carriers have a low number of parasites in their blood and are usually unaware that they have malaria, but mosquitoes taking a bite on these people can still become infected and then go on to transmit the parasite to other people.

09 November 2012

Scientists from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine are helping the quest for a malaria vaccine in the laboratory as well as through clinical trials.

09 November 2012

Vaccine found to reduce malaria by a third

31 October 2012

The first independent evaluation of the Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria (AMFm) programme is published in The Lancet.

19 October 2012

The Philippine Embassy in London commemorated Philippine-British Friendship Day today through an academic forum that will provide the platform for highlighting the works of British and Filipino scientific researchers.

11 October 2012

Tuen Bousema and Chris Drakeley will be speaking at the Challenges in Malaria Research conference today

10 October 2012

Penguins at London Zoo have been struck by a deadly strain of malaria that has killed six of the birds.

02 October 2012

Dr Shunmay Yeung talks about the importance of collecting scientific data rigorously to document what is happening - not only for the benefit of Cambodians but for the good of other countries facing similar threats.

26 September 2012

A case report in The Lancet has highlighted the threat of fake drugs for malaria