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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre


10 August 2018

Vacancy notice for an Epidemiologist post in WHO

Malaria Centre anniversary logo
31 July 2018

By Kara Hanson and Catherine Goodman

26 June 2018

MIM 2018 travel award winner

26 June 2018

MAlaria Research CApacity Development (MARCAD) – visiting scientist

14 June 2018

By Peter Piot

21 May 2018

With MIM, one of the biggest international malaria conferences, taking place, our own annual retreat, the Malaria Summit and World Malaria Day, April was a busy month for the Malaria Centre and the malaria research community. We spent time in Cambridge, London and Dakar, helping to share our expert knowledge, learn from each other, find new collaborations and enjoy an evening with the Senegalese singer, Youssou N'dour.