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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre

Seminar | Molecular consequences of genomic variation associated with drug resistance in TB and Malaria

1 February 2018, 12:45 pm
Manson Lecture Theatre, Keppel Street
ITD Seminar


Genomic studies of Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria have revealed loci associated with resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs. However, the molecular consequences of polymorphism within these candidate loci remain poorly understood. The talk will summarise the development and findings of a new computational protocol to quantify the effects of point mutations conferring resistance to three major anti-tuberculosis drugs. In addition, the use of this protocol will be discussed in understanding the molecular effects of in vivo polymorphisms co-located with in vitro induced mutations conferring resistance to inhibitors proposed for the treatment of malaria.


Speaker: Dr Nick Furnham, LSHTM

Date: Thursday 1 February 2018

Time: 12.45 pm

Venue: Manson Lecture Theatre