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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre

Mosquito Day 2010


20th August 2010
LSHTM Library, Keppel Street
LSHTM & Fruit for the Apocalypse collaborate to explore Sir Ronald Ross’ play, The Marsh

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine collaborates with Fruit for the Apocalypse to mark Mosquito Day 2010 by exploring Sir Ronald Ross’ lyric play, The Marsh, a centenary after its publication.


Date | Friday 20th August 2010

Time | 04:00 p.m. – 05.00 p.m.

Place| LSHTM Library, Keppel Street

Fruit for the Apocalypse and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) are collaborating to research and re-create Sir Ronald Ross’ literary works, and in so doing, hope to raise public awareness about Malaria by exploring the links between art and science.

Their first collaboration presents Ross’ 1910 play The Marsh.  It will be performed at the Library at LSHTM  on the anniversary of Ross’ discovery on August 20th 1897 of the link between malaria and mosquitoes. The cast of The Marsh is drawn from a mixture of professional actors and staff and students from the LSHTM.

Items from the Ross archive will also be on display, including the journal in which he first noted that the Anopheles Mosquito transmits malaria to humans through its bite.

After the performance, a 1930s style High Tea will be served, recreating the Ross Institute’s annual celebration Mosquito Day.

Sir Ronald Ross was not only a Nobel prize-winning scientist, who discovered the link between mosquitoes and the propagation of malaria, he was an accomplished playwright and poet. His poem Hesperus was re-printed in the first edition of Georgian Poetry, along with works by Walter de la Mare, D.H. Lawrence, John Masefield and Rupert Brooke.

Contemporary reviews of his work were outstanding –

“To the man of science, no song of triumph could be nobler… The poet of science has here given us one of the rarest gifts in literature” – The Nation

“Sir Ronald Ross’s little book… contains some of the best contemporary verse” – The New Statesman

“Yes, the thunder and fire have filled his lips with flame, and his little book is an event in the development of English Poety” – Sir Edward Russell The Liverpool Daily Post

For more information, or for tickets to the event or press passes, contact Sally Hall, Media Manager at LSHTM on 020 7927 2073 / 07790 992797 or email sally [dot] hall [at] lshtm [dot] ac [dot] uk.

For more information of Fruit for the Apocalypse, contact Harry Ross on 07905 525 868 or email protagonists [at] fruit-for-the-apocalypse [dot] eu


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Fruit for the Apocalypse: is a new artist collective focusing on live art, theatre and music, bringing together pioneering artists of all disciplines to create mixed media performances.