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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre

Encouraging public engagement

25 September 2017, 10am-12pm
Keppel Street, Globe Room
A chance to talk about public engagement with the Malaria Centre

If you have ever thought of getting involved in public engagement but were not sure how to, or what to talk about, this is for you! Following on from our event for World Mosquito Day, we’d love to hear about your ideas for next year and any other ideas you have for engagement activities. 


Discussing how researchers can be more active in promoting their research through public engagement.

(Researchers who are Wellcome funded may be eligible for Wellcome public engagement funding!)

Speak with anyone who is interested in public engagement but is unsure what to do.

Using World Mosquito Day as an example of public engagement.

Erin Lafferty, the School's Public Engagement Officer, will also be on hand to help us with the what, why and how of getting involved in public engagement activities.


Come along and help us be a uniting force for public engagement!