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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre



The Malaria Centre is bringing together LSHTM’s global malaria community to create ‘Net-Work’. ‘Net-Work’ will be displayed at a ‘Mosquito Day’ event in August 2011. A virtual ‘Net-Work’ will also be available online on the Malaria Centre web site.

‘Net-Work’ will consist of objects, text or images submitted by LSHTM staff, students and alumni to illustrate the various malaria-related activities conducted by our vast network. The project will bring pieces together to create a giant Malaria Centre mosquito net.

We are seeking contributions from LSHTM staff, students and researchers (both past and present), especially those based overseas. Contributions should represent, explore or describe activities conducted by the malaria community now and in the past.

Contributions can be in any form and as everyday or creative as you chose as long as they relate to malaria activities and mean something to you.

Some suggestions include:

A photograph, image or illustration (printed versions only)

A small object (that you use for work, represents what you do or means something to you)

A journal entry

A poem, story, article or text

A post card or object from a trip or the country you work in

A short description of your work or research


If you would like to make a contribution, please send your entry to the address below with the following information:

1)      Name

2)      Description of entry

3)      Caption describing why you have submitted your entry and what it refers to, represents or describes. (max 150 words).

Please note the Malaria Centre will be unable to return entries unless a particular request is made prior to submission. Remember you can always take a picture, illustrate or describe objects.


Send submissions by post to:


Malaria Centre

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Keppel Street


Or malaria [at] lshtm [dot] ac [dot] uk (emai) us a submission.


Please contact malaria [at] lshtm [dot] ac [dot] uk (Dalia Iskander) or rebecca [dot] tremain [at] lshtm [dot] ac [dot] uk (Rebecca Tremain) for further information or if you would like to help construct the final ‘net’ which will go on display at the School on Mosquito Day.