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London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Malaria Centre
Photograph courtesy of Teun Bousema
event 4 Mar 16
Malaria 2016-2030: a problem to be solved
Photograph courtesy of Sarah Staedke
event 8 Mar 16
Mapping the global burden of Plasmodium vivax malaria
news 28 Jan 16
Malaria and syphilis: leading infectious causes of stillbirth at global level
news 29 Jan 16
$10.2m project to investigate eave tubes malaria prevention method
news 19 Jan 16
Researchers challenge the established perspective on "asymptomatic" malaria

The Malaria Centre at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine houses the largest number of malaria researchers, students and support staff in Europe

Download the latest Malaria Centre report (PDF, 3MB).

Latest news

29 January 2016

Malaria Centre members will investigate innovative methods to limit mosquito access to houses

28 January 2016

Malaria Centre member Matt Chico co-authors article in Thompson Reuters


Capacity strengthening
Clinical trials & studies
Drug development & resistance
Immunology & vaccination
Parasite biology
Social & economic studies
Vector control

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